Hamfest in Huntsville

The weekend of August 20-21 was marked by an interesting event in the field of amateur radio. There was an annual Hamfest in Huntsville, one of the largest Ham festivals in the USA. The representative of RigExpert took part for the first time.

The atmosphere was great and inspiring!    

There were a lot of booths of the brands, world-class educational forums, a great youth lounge with activities, a vastly expanded flea market; also license exams, and hourly door prizes on both days! 

The children also did not get bored. They had the opportunity to get to know the radio devices better. In the same place, printing on a T-shirt, a cap, and a bag with a call sign were possible. 


Thanks to everyone who came and chatted with us. We met new device owners and collected feedback from regular customers. Undoubtedly it was a unique opportunity to meet RigExpert’s partners in person. We were happy to give you our gifts, get to know you better, and had a great time!

Special thanks to our partners, GigaParts company for providing the booth space and support.

We are looking forward to the next festival!