It`s Time for OTA

Today and until the end of April in Japan, it’s time to admire the flowers. People will flood the parks to contemplate the mesmerizing dance of falling petals – hanami, a tradition born in the imperial court.
On this day, the inhabitants of Eastern Europe give each other martenitsa – an amulet of red and white threads. White – a symbol of the sun and masculinity, provides strength. Red – feminine, gives health and the birth of a new life.
In the evening, the sky of Spain will explode with colorful sparks of fireworks. House-sized dolls, the embodiment of the vices of humanity, of politicians, and mystique characters will walk the streets. After, they will burn in a giant bonfire in the central squares, leaving behind all human troubles and sorrows and clearing the way of life for joy.
It’s just the first day of spring. Enjoy OTA discoveries, dear friends. Relish awakened nature. May it revive your forces and strengthen the spirit for new achievements. It’s time to live.