Thank you for our financial achievements

We have summed up the 2022 financial year.
It turned out that we not only saved our company and the team but were able to increase profits compared to 2021.
The second joyful moment – our team finally met. Not all, of course. But more than usual. Some of us could not come from abroad. Others continue to serve at the front.
At the end of the meeting, our CEO Ashot Andreev (the first and only one in the high row) showed the company’s life last year in a slide show. Or rather, from the first day of the war. February 24 shot through, bombed, drove by tank caterpillars across life, leaving a hole between “before” and “after.”
This gentle girl, fourth from the left in the front row, took the children to a safe place, rushed to make “Molotov cocktails,” and took them to the front line near the Kyiv city. On the way, she only prayed that the patrol would pass by: no one then knew the permissible limits. In general, Marina has quite peaceful duties as the company’s chief accountant.
Someone may remember we posted photos of our charming Kateryna (third from left) in a yellow dress from Ham Radio 2022, Friedrichshafen, last summer. Her colleagues-men were unable to leave the country. That’s why this fragile girl and mother of two children gathered in an hour, jumped on a plane and presented our new products at the largest exhibition for radio amateurs. And she did great. For us, her yellow dress became a symbol of persistence.
Without our men, this story would not exist. They develop, manufacture, and repeatedly check the finished product’s quality and advise you 24/7/365 through all available communication channels. Their old passion for amateur radio and years of experience in R&D and manufacturing ensure the high quality of our products. Thanks to them, we consistently keep sales growing.
Under this post, your photos also should be there, our reliable partners and users. One day, you decided to try our devices in operation and made sure that they are the best. You are part of the team that made our achievement real. We sincerely thank you for this. We’ll try our best for you.