The source of your stable and accurate radio connection. No drift

The oscillator in your transceiver may deviate from the desired frequency due to temperature fluctuations or power source instability during transmission and receiving, as well as for several other reasons.
An ultra-precise and ultra-stable laboratory-grade frequency source with an operating range of 0.16 to 200 MHz – RigExpert Tokenblauser GPSDO – will permanently eliminate these influences on the operation of your radio devices.
The GNSS-disciplined (GPS/Galileo) oscillator has four independent PLL-synthesized outputs. Thus, you can simultaneously calibrate your transceiver and other RF equipment against reference values, tune one or more stable frequency generators, and save all data in preset profiles.
Use your RigExpert Tokenblauser GPSDO as a standalone device by operating the frequency from its front LCD panel or a PC by connecting to it via USB. Or make it part of your external transceiver.
Enjoy experimenting with Tokenblauser GPSDO, which is compatible with Arduino and has open-source firmware.
Connect an external frequency reference to make the radio link as accurate as possible and eliminate the effects of drift and jitter.
We are happy to help you achieve more in radio communications.
Learn more about Tokenblauser GPSDO: https://reu.wiki/gpsdo