AA-230 ZOOM: Ascension of the 3YOJ Star

3YOJ has come a long way to achieve its goal: to make communication at one of the most distant global points in the most challenging weather conditions. But they did it.

For hours break their backs for QSO in a cold tent, blown by the winds of the Atlantic, on a tiny fragment of a volcano forgotten by God and people, from the tops of which stones and pieces of ice are continuously falling onto a thin coastline where it is installed. Without the usual shower and toilet, isolated not only from the benefits of civilization but also from itself – they spent more than a year finding themselves in such conditions for which hardly anyone would voluntarily agree to exchange a warm and comfortable shack.

“Why?” we asked one of the members of the expedition. “To enable radioamateurs worldwide to make new DXCC,”  he answered. Stories like this drive evolution. They not only promote ham radio, but also inspire thousands of people around the world. We are happy to be part of this story.

We are proud that our VNA RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM helped the guys reach their goal. Because we created it: it accurately measures all essential parameters of antennas, cables, as well as other RF devices and their systems in the range from 0.1 MHz to 230 MHz, reports cable fault distance (TDR), operated by PC (via USB) and cellphone (via Bluetooth) – it can much more than it’s worth. We look forward to feedback with detailed impressions from the members of the 3YOJ team.

More about our “Polar Star” analyzer AA-230 ZOOM – https://reu.wiki/8