Stick XPro: powerful helper for your success in HAM radio

Less than a couple of weeks separate us from spring when nature itself pushes us to parks, mountains, and the sea to participate in various OTA activities and enjoy the landscapes and the first flavors of spring to the fullest.
The newest and most powerful in the Stick family, the XPro Antenna and Cable Analyzer is designed to make your incredible success in your favorite hobby surprisingly easy.
The power of 1000 MHz brings it to the line of flagships. The only device works across all ham radio bands and covers maritime and aviation communications, M2M and IoT industries ranges.
It will easily set up your antenna, including multi-band, check the operation of feeder lines, and other RF devices and their systems, report the exact distance to a cable fault (TDR) and do it in one step.
How? With a variety of preset custom ways to work with it. Just choose from them the one you need, based on your tasks. StickXpro will do the rest. You no longer need to be an experienced amateur radio operator or highly technical user to be successful in ham radio communications.
All RigExpert VNAs are factory calibrated and ready to work “from the box.” If you use Fixture, you need to recalibrate the analyzer only once, save the OSL file with the settings – and you have closed the issue of calibrations. At any time, you can return the factory calibration with one click. This is how one of the pre-installed mods in Stick XPro works.
Compact size, lightweight, dust- and waterproof design, сolor display with high contrast and crisp images even in bright environments, and 16 hours of battery life make Stick XPro your ideal choice for any OTA activity.
“Never give in. Never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.” Churchill said.
Sometimes we just need the right helper to be successful. That`s all.
More about Stick XPro: https://reu.wiki/q