RigExpert Stick Pro.
Users Manual

“Every job needs the right tool”

Stick Pro is an antenna and cable vector analyzer. The analyzer allows you to measure various parameters of antennas, cables, lines, filters and many others in the frequency range from 100 kHz to 600 MHz.

The Stick Pro analyzer has a compact size and lightweight, which is great for using the analyzer both in the home and in the field.

The main parameters of the Stick Pro analyzer:

    • Operating frequency: 100 kHz – 600 MHz
    • Size: 185 * 40 * 33 mm (7,3 in x 1,6 in x 1,3 in)
    • Weight: 185 grams (6.5 Oz) (unpacked, with battery installed)
    • Type of antenna connector: N-type
    • Number of Enter Keys: 6
  • Display: color TFT, 220 * 220 pixels.
  • Type of battery used: Li-ion 18650 (included)
  • PC Connector Type: USB 2.0 Type-C
  • Charging Port Type: USB Type-C
  • Bluetooth Availability: Yes, Bluetooth ver. 4.2 BLE Single-mode, Class B
  • Battery Charge Time: 3 hours.
  • RF Power: -10 dBm (at 50 Ohm load)
  • Minimum frequency step: 1 kHz
  • Operating temperature: 0…40 °C (32…104 °F)


Turning on the analyzer.

Main menu.


Single mode.


Multé mode.


HAM mode.

Free mode.


Analyzer memory usage.

Bound mode.


TDR mode.


Return Loss mode.

R&X mode.


Stub tuner.



Settings menu.


AntScope2 and AntScope for Android & iOS

Charging the analyzer.


OSL calibration.



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