Now our analyzers and interfaces are officially used on ALL continents, including Antarctica!!!

station-1-770x460On January 17, our office was visited by research scientists, who yesterday went to the Ukrainian Station Academic Vernadsky in Antarctica for seasonal research (Vernadsky_Research_Base).The company Rig Expert Ukraine Ltd. sponcored for Professional and Amateur use: antenna analyzers RigExpert AA-1400, RigExpert AA-230 ZOOM and transceiver interface RigExpert TI-8.

Also at the Ukrainian National Antarctic Scientific Center (http://uac.gov.ua/) a press conference was held dedicated to the start of the expedition: fb.com/videos/

The scientists and the head of the Center for Antarctic research, Diky Yevhen said the words of gratitude to our company.

As part of the Antarctic Expedition, the well-known radio amateur Roman Bratchik ,UT7UA, who has repeatedly worked in the Antarctic. And the most main thing was part of the First Ukrainian Antarctic Expedition, which took the station from the Great Britain.

Personal call sign of Roman Bratchik in Ukrainian Antarctic Station Vernadsky Academician – qrz.com/em1ua

Club callsign of Vernadsky Research Base: qrz.com/em1u

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